Living the Bible

Trust the Tester when he Tests your Trust (Genesis 22:1-5)

July 08, 2020 Season 3 Episode 27
Living the Bible
Trust the Tester when he Tests your Trust (Genesis 22:1-5)
Show Notes

None of us like exams or tests, do we? I suppose some brilliant geniuses do, but for the rest of us exams and tests mean stress, fear, and sometimes exhaustion. Not a pleasant experience is it? But we can persuade ourselves to keep going if we remind ourselves of the aim or purpose of these exams and tests. We step back and re-frame the test to endure and succeed in the test.

We can experience the same unpleasant feelings when it comes to tests of faith, can't we? Stress, fear, and even exhaustion. Let's look at how God tested Abraham's faith in Genesis 22:1-5 to help us endure and succeed in our own tests.


  • God chooses the student to be tested
  • God chooses the timing of the test
  • God chooses the subject of the test

Tests are providential not accidental.

How testing will these tests be?


  • Tests start easy
  • Tests more difficult
  • Tests have a final

Tough tests form firm faith 

What will I learn from these tests?


  • No complaint from Abraham
  • Full compliance by Abraham

God will test our trust to see if we trust the tester.


When our faith is tested, let’s remember that the test is from God, the test is toughening our trust, and the test is exhibiting our trust.

Trust the tester when he tests your trust.

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