Living the Bible

Christ-like Leadership (2-minute version)

August 08, 2020 Season 5 Episode 24
Living the Bible
Christ-like Leadership (2-minute version)
Show Notes

In 1 Timothy 3:1-7, God describes the Christ-like leadership he wants to see in the church.


The work is important (1)

All the other “faithful sayings” are about salvation through Christ. Paul is warning us that if we g wrong in church leadership and we’ll eventually go wrong in salvation.

The desire is noble (2)

 “Overseer” means supervisor, shepherd, pastor, elder. “Noble” means high and lofty.  To “aspire” or “desire” means to stretch out for something.

Christ-like leaders know the enormity of the task, and have the energy for the task.

“So, if I want to be a church leader, I should be a church leader?”


“Above reproach” means a good reputation. Criticism has nothing to stick to. This qualification results from two characteristics: self-control and family control

Self-control (2-3)

Self-control sums up verses 2-3. The leader is to be self-controlled in sexual matters, behavior, thinking, studying, addictive substances, conflict, speech, finances, and so on.

Family control (4-5)

Leading well in the home is an indicator that someone will lead well in the church.

Self-control and family control are evidence of Holy Spirit control.

Are you saying, “This doesn’t sound too hard”?


The devil wants to puncture you (6)

A balloon is filled with hot air, rises high in the sky and then bursts resulting in a catastrophic fall. That’s what the devil wants to do and the way he does it is giving us way too high thoughts about ourselves.

The devil wants to trap you (7)

The devil wants to trap leaders because he knows that if he can bring down the leaders, he can bring down the church and hinder the spread of the Gospel

The devil targets leaders because he knows leaders are targeting him.


Help us to be (and find) able, qualified, and spiritual leaders who will be up to the work, suited to the work, and safe for the work. Help us to be Christ-like.

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