Living the Bible

God's Curtains (Exodus 26)

October 27, 2020 David Murray Season 6 Episode 42
Living the Bible
God's Curtains (Exodus 26)
Show Notes

I was in a church a while back which had many converted Roman Catholics in it. I asked the pastor what had drawn so many Roman Catholics to this church. He said he noticed a change when he started speaking about how Jesus is our connection to God. 

These Roman Catholics had been told all their lives that they were disconnected from God and the only way to connect with God was through priests and the Roman Catholic church. But they still felt disconnected from God. So, when this pastor started proclaiming Jesus Christ as our direct connector to God, that resonated deeply and attracted many Roman Catholics in that community as the news of this spread among them. It is appealing, isn’t it?

But such connection was not so easy, direct, or free in the Old Testament. Although God gave the Tabernacle as a meeting place with Israel, there were still a number of barriers that prevented direct connection with God. Among these barriers were a number of curtains which we find in Exodus 26.